Technology is constantly changing and updating. This applies to all technology such as innovation since engineering, architecture, automobiles, medical equipment and much more! The general population had turned to civil engineering alone for construction needs. But over the years as the study of civil engineering developed, a sub branch called structural engineering has come up. The basic difference between the two is that civil engineering has to with the basic layout and overall structure of a building or project while structural engineering is more concerned with individual components that sun up to a safe and sturdy building.

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Structural steel is more modern and uses more technology than labor to create large structures efficiently and in less time. The product life is also extended due to the modern weather and wear and tear resistant materials used in construction. Approach only the best structural steel dealers in Bangalore such as Bhavani Steels and Tubes when purchasing raw materials for best prices on bulk orders. The reasons of better technology, economy, efficiency and quality is why structural engineering is more popular than Civil Engineering.