Structural engineering is a very vital branch of engineering in today’s world. It is the main driving force behind most of our large structures such as buildings and warehouses. These structures are used for commercial and non commercial purposes but need the same amount of durability and dependability. A collapse of such structures causes serious harm financially and in terms of human damage such as injury or loss of life. A lot depends upon the structural engineering of a structure. This is why structural engineers must reflect upon the challenges, solutions and opportunities in the field for today’s requirements.

One of the main concerns regarding construction of buildings is the building codes. These are the rules and regulations followed while construction such as quality of materials such as TMT Bar, MS angles and MS beams and the overall structural design. For all such purposes only the best of structural engineering consultants should be consulted. These building codes are like a holy scripture for engineers but errors and lack of meeting standard of codes can be very dangerous for buildings indeed. The solution for this problem is to keep materials and design up to the code every time!

Existing buildings can be a challenge to look after and ensure safety. Many of these were constructed before the existence of codes and regulations and this makes them a hazard. The solution for this would be to check the life of materials used and the overall strength of the buildings. Steel structures are much more durable than pre existing concrete structures but steel reinforcement can be done for older buildings as well. Structural engineers are thus in a struggle between conserving old buildings and creating new ones.

The innovations in structural engineering are also a challenge to some extent such as Pre Engineered Buildings. This economical option limits the added combustibility. Thus not many modifications can be made. As for structural engineering in automobile industry, there are not many challenges. Automobile parts can be constructed quite efficiently such as chassis, bumpers and other parts but the only problem would be environmental concerns regarding the factories. As for structural engineering of hospital furniture and medical equipment, the metal fabrication is very efficient and economical.

In this growing field of new opportunities, move on to the next generation of construction, i.e. structural engineering. Change concrete to the best quality steel materials such as coloured coated sheet, MS Angles, MS beams, TMT Bar, Steel wires etc. and feel the difference in quality and durability of all constructions.